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My partner and I LOVE these books. Some of the recipes have now become our go to staples and we have way more variety in our weeknight meals. I was getting so bored before. But now I just have a quick look in the book for one I haven't tried and I can guarantee I will have most if not all the ingredients already. So good. - Kate W

Great, easy to follow recipes. Our 12 year old son is cooking twice a week from these books and loving it! - Heidi T


OMG I wish we had bought your recipe books ages ago! My partner bought it a week ago and has gone from a non cooker to a master chef. Two delicious meals cooked and devils on horseback as an afternoon snack. Thoroughly recommend, thank you Linda - Sharon T


I just have to say I bought your book at the Tauranga food festival and thought it would just be another cook book I have every intention of using but never touch.....well I couldn’t have been more wrong! I have NEVER used a recipe book more, I’m making at least 2 things a week from it and they’ve all been amazing! Honestly it’s changed my cooking!!! Best recipe book I’ve ever had. My sister now has it, and so does my mum. Have been raving about it to anyone who would care to listen! Thank you Linda! Can’t wait for the second edition 🙌🙌🙌 - Holly

This is one of those cook books where you want to throw all other books out and just use this on. Every recipe is good for the soul. If you're teaching your kids to cook, then this is the book - you will be developing young foodies. l love this book, start to finish - Wendymay


After just having this book for a week, I have already successfully cooked several of the recipes and absolutely love it! The recipes are super easy to follow and turn out just like the picture. Thank you Linda for writing such a fabulous book 🤗 - Tara


Amazing simple tasty meals with a few ingredients and little time - Greg

Even my mum can cook these (and that’s saying something) ! Super easy and SUPER yum❤️ Would highly recommended! - Chelsea

I have tried a few recipes from Linda's book and have not been disappointed. Buy one and try it for yourself - Delwyn

Fantastic book for everyone young or old. We use it often & it is a great gift for anyone as well - Debbie

This book has renewed my lack of interest in cooking - Shirley

A handy book, I find myself looking through it for easy ideas and I’ve been cooking for multitudes for decades!! - Jan

Lots of favourite recipes made easy and all together in a well presented book. Well done! - Bridget

Love this book easy an user friendly .An recipes not expensive to do .Get this book you won’t be sorry - Terence

I love this cookbook its easy to follow and the recipes are tasty. Great if you are a busy mum cooking dinners and always making share lunches for school and kindy. I would recommend this book to everyone. Linda you have done a amazing job with this cookbook - Kylie

Just brought the book made two dishes mushroom risotto and chicken curry really yummy
Never made a risotto before excellent - Debbie

I brought this book at the home show today. It's great. The first cookbook I have brought that I will cook everything in it. Wish I had brought two to share - Robyn

I just brought this book from Linda at the woman’s expo. So nice to meet her. I also brought a copy for my daughter and am so excited to try her recipes. What a lovely book - Jude


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