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Updated: May 2, 2023

Bring your love of hokey pokey into your baking with these super easy one-pot crunchy biscuits. They’re perfect for dunking!


125g (4.4oz) butter

¾ cup caster sugar

1 tbsp golden syrup

1 tbsp milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

1¾ cups plain flour

1 tsp baking soda


• Preheat oven to 180°C (350°F) and grease and line a baking tray.

• Heat the butter, sugar, golden syrup and milk in a medium-size saucepan until the butter has melted and the mixture is boiling.

• Remove from the heat and allow to cool for 15 minutes.

• Add the vanilla extract, then sift in the flour and baking soda.

• Mix until well combined.

• Roll the dough into golf-ball-size balls and place on the tray. Flatten with a fork.

• Bake for 15–20 minutes or until golden brown.

Makes: 12

Prep Time: 10 minutes (plus cooling time of 15 minutes)

Cooking Time: 15–20 minutes

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